Monday, April 12, 2010

Seth's Summary: 16 weeks

I remember when Seth was only SIX weeks old. Now he is SIXTEEN weeks's amazing how time flies by and everyone tells you that, but you just don't want to believe it.

Naps: For the last week, Seth's naps have gotten longer to about 1-2 hours each. He doesn't wake up every 45 minutes like he used to. He also only wimpers a little when you first put him down for a nap. Then, he finds his fingers and he's content. Sometimes you can hear him talking to himself for about 5 minutes before he's out. Is it too soon to say we've turned over a new leaf in the nap department?

Night sleeping: Knock on wood. That's all I'm going to say. But can I brag just a tad with how well Seth sleeps at night? I keep reading about the 4-month sleep regression that so many babies experience. So, I'm going to say here and now what a good sleeper Seth has been. He has slept through the night (8pm - 7am) consistently without waking up since 8 weeks old. And even before 8 weeks, I had to wake Seth up for middle-of-the-night feedings. Seth's 4th month may be the end of our glorious sleep, but I'm going to enjoy each night until something changes.

Fun Seth facts:

- Seth purposely focuses on a toy placed in front of him, aims for it with his hands and guides his hands to grabbing the toy. It is so fun to see him reach out and grab things, when before he would wave his arms and hands around the hanging toys, but not always purposely grab them.
-He's "grggle"-ing his thoughts to us all the time! He coos, who's and now "grgg"-les.
- He brings objects up to his mouth and "gums" on them. It's typically the green frog or soft soccer ball.
- He has good focusing ability. When Jason throws a ball up in the air and catches it, Seth watches Jason throw the ball up and holds his focus on Jason's hand until he catches the ball. Pretty soon he's going to be catching the ball if Jason tosses it at him, that's how advanced he is. ;) Ha!

-He smiles and coos back when people talk animatedly to him. If someone just talks at him, he doesn't always indulge you with a smile but he'll just study you and wait to see if you're going to entertain him with an animated voice. :)

- He's started to play little "games" with me when I'm nursing. If I start talking while nursing, Seth stops, leans back and watches me with a stoic expression. Then, I giggle. I stop giggling and he continues to nurse, but then I can't stop giggling. Seth stops, leans back, gives me a sly expression and then dives back to nurse. We go back and forth like this for at least five minutes.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seth's Summary: 15 weeks

Jumpa-who? Jumparoo, that's who....or, I should say 'what'. Seth got a new toy this week - a jumparoo and, boy, does he love it! He sits in it, sucks his hands, and then flails his hands around and pushes his feet off the ground, sending him in a flurry of bounces.

"All hands on deck!" Seth constantly sticks his hands in his mouth and munches away. With the constantly drooling and hand munching, we know Seth is in for some pearly whites soon to come popping through his gums. We haven't seen anything come through yet, but I bet any day now Seth will get his first tooth.

Other fun Seth facts:
- Seth had his first....I mean, second official photo shoot with Jason's friend, Rich, who is a great photographer. Rich took newborn photos of Seth while we were still at the hospital and here we are 15 weeks later and Seth is over twice as big! Seth was a trooper, even though it was early evening and in the middle of his nap.
- We took our new stroller out for our first spin around Arbor Lakes. Seth was awake for the whole ride, except for our dinner at Potbelly.

My friend Talia's daughter, Vivian, turned 1 years old and here we are at her party.

Seth's first Easter Sunday! Here Seth is with my parents.

Our first family picture.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Seth's Summary: Week 14

We had a busy, busy week! We made it through the first full week of both mommy AND daddy at work during the days. Of course, it was probably harder on mommy than it was on Seth.;)

The weather has been getting so nice. Jason and I try to take Seth outside whenever we can. We walk around the perimeter of the house. We sit on the bench in the front and watch the cars go by. We hang out on the picnic blanket in the back and listen to birds chirp and the wind in the trees.

Seth puts his hands in his mouth and just looks, thinks and takes it all in. I stood with Seth in front of the neighbor's wind mill on a particularly windy day. Seth was so enthralled with the spinning wind mill that he took his hands out of his mouth and just stared for minutes on end!

Seth has so much fun with Jason. And vice versa! Jason picks Seth up, raises Seth in the air and he just squeals and giggles with excitement. is a particularly cuddly moment for Seth and Jason. Jason loves cuddling Seth.

I'm just trying to throw you off here with Seth's coordinating sleeper and blanket stripe theme.:)

One of the first times we really "hung out" on the picnic blanket. Also one of the first times Seth got to see his mommy freak out over a spider that came dangerously close to our blanket.

Jason's mom hosted a get together at her house for the Grant side of the family, so Seth was introduced to a very loving family! Seth was completely enthralled with the vents on family room basement ceiling. He kept cooing and chatting at the vents.

Here is Jason's cousin, Tim, and Seth.
Jason's aunt, Wilma. I have an Aunt Wilma too! They're the best!
Jason's aunt, Judy. Awww...they're matching.:)
Jason and I laughed at this sight when we pulled up to mom's house. Seth's hat fell over his eyes and he didn't give a holler....he just decided to sleep. Is that all it takes????

Had to get a shot of the cute little froggy bum.:)